Criminal Law Attorney

Ms. Reeves attended the University of Colorado at Boulder as an undergraduate.

She graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology, and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. At CU, she was a research assistant in a Social Psychology lab focusing on implicit bias. Additionally, she worked as an addiction counselor for an inpatient rehabilitation facility for women who were convicted of felonies. As an addiction counselor, she conducted extensive substance abuse evaluations and wrote treatment plans. She dedicated her time to learning about her client's unique individual circumstances, cultural backgrounds, and co-morbid substance use and mental illness. She gained a love for criminal defense and dependency/neglect law through observing and understanding the significant impact of legal involvement in every client's life.

Ms. Reeves served as a Court Judicial Assistant in the 2nd Judicial District of Colorado prior to attending law school. She went on to complete her law degree at Hofstra University in New York. During law school, Ms. Reeves represented individuals accused of criminal offenses under New York's Student Practice Act at the Queen's Legal Aid Society, and Hofstra's Criminal Justice Clinic.

Upon graduation from law school, Ms. Reeves moved back to her native Colorado.

Upon graduation from law school, Ms. Reeves moved back to her native Colorado.

As a licensed attorney, Ms. Reeves spent the first years of her career as a Deputy Colorado State Public Defender. She then moved on to representing private clients in criminal matters, dependency/neglect matters, and Department of Revenue (Department of Motor Vehicles) actions and hearings. Over the years, she has practiced in nearly every jurisdiction in Colorado.

She has significant experience in criminal offenses such as: sexual offenses, assault, child abuse, DUIs, Vehicular Homicide, and Vehicular Assault. Since DMV actions are so closely related to criminal traffic cases, and often pose serious consequences for a person's day-to-day life. As such, Ms. Reeves offers comprehensive representation in both criminal matters and the accompanying DMV matters. She has represented numerous clients in all stages of dependency/neglect proceedings and understands what a stressful and scary experience it is for respondent parents. She is dedicated to learning about each client's unique circumstances, and tailoring representation according to his or her goals and priorities. She zealously advocates on every client's behalf in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Ms. Reeves has extensive litigation experience. Her creativity in forming defenses, sharp ability to identify issues, and attention to detail, have afforded the majority of her clients not guilty verdicts at trial. She has a strong devotion to obtaining the best possible outcome for every client and their families.

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