Devon Barclay

Devon Barclay

Attorney and Managing Director

Devon grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Unlike many attorneys who grew up in rich families and may never have had a job before becoming a lawyer, Devon's straightforward approach to the law comes from a lifetime of working with actual people and experiencing the challenges of daily life like a normal human being.

Devon knows what it's like when the money runs out. Growing up his family sometimes picked blackberries by the roadside to get food, or broke into orchards at night. He grew up watching family businesses start, thrive, and fail - and learned how to survive when things changed from boom to bust. He knows what it's like to take a second job to pay the bills, to work for minimum wage, and to start a business that didn't work out. He's filed bankruptcy before. He's been in foreclosure. He knows what it is to start over, and is committed to helping anyone who needs it get a fresh start.

Devon graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado as a double major in English and Political Science, and worked his way through law school at the University of Denver. After law school and a brief career in politics, he worked for a large bankruptcy firm filing around 80 cases a month. Half a decade and several thousand cases later, he grew tired of working in a corporate firm that felt like it put itself ahead of its clients. He created Devon Barclay, PC so that he could offer an open door and real help to the people he serves.

When you work with Devon, you don't just get some stuffy attorney - you get an actual human, with a sense of humor, who understands what you're going through and knows how to help. Approachable and compassionate in the office, Devon is aggressive in the courtroom and knows how to protect your rights and win.

When he's not being a lawyer, Devon is repairing things around the house, raising his kids, and building racecars, boats and motorcycles.

Margaux Martinez-Harris

Directrice d'Operations et Seule Adulte Responsible

A Colorado native, Margaux graduated from the Community College of Denver with her Associates of Arts in Paralegal Studies. She went on to earn her Bachelor's Degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has been working as a paralegal since 2010, and specializes in bankruptcy law. Having worked on thousands of petitions, she knows how to write petitions that will satisfy the courts and avoid objections from the trustees. She loves the opportunity to help those who need it, and previously worked for two of the state's largest bankruptcy law firms. She prides herself in maintaining the highest standard for our clients in the petitions our firm files with the Court.

In her free time, Margaux enjoys going to concerts and shows, watching movies, being outdoors (only when it's warm) and spending time with her three children, fiancé and dogs.

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