How long Does It Take To Improve Your Credit Score After A Bankruptcy Discharge?

How long Does It Take To Improve Your Credit Score After A Bankruptcy Discharge?

How long Does It Take To Improve Your Credit Score After A Bankruptcy Discharge?

How long Does It Take To Improve Your Credit Score After A Bankruptcy Discharge?

This is a question we often get, and the answer is “it is up to you.” A bankruptcy will remain on your public record for anywhere from 7 to 10 years but its effect fades over time and many people begin to see their score improve almost immediately. One reason why is the amount of debt that you owe has been significantly decreased and many creditors out there are willing to give you a second chance. What you do with this fresh start will determine how much your credit improves and how quickly.

Usually, it does not take long at all before you get an offer for a low-limit credit card. This can act as your first baby step, and if you move forward with on-time payments, as well as responsible credit usage and keep your utilization below 30% it will not be long before your second offer comes in. Or your next credit application is approved.

Pro-Active Credit Building

The same rules apply to your fresh financial start as does anyone else’s. The more careful you are rebuilding your credit, the faster it will improve. A few tips that we generally offer our dear friends and clients are

  • Check your credit report – make sure everything is correct and you have a general idea of what is reported and how.
  • Monitor your credit report monthly – to make sure no errors or unauthorized activity appears.
  • Practice responsible credit building habits such as making on-time payments consistently (don’t be late), Reduce your credit card use – learn not to depend on them, reduce your credit card  balances – try to keep your usage to 30% or less, build up an Emergency savings fund – this will help you from having to rely on credit in tough financial times,

Each person’s credit will improve at its own pace. Compare your progress each month and proactively reach for new milestones. It is a fact, that what we track improves.

It does not matter what someone else you know has gone through, experienced, or how fast or slow that someone else has improved. Your journey is uniquely yours. The days immediately after a bankruptcy discharge can be daunting but each day that passes is one more day that you have towards your future. There is life after bankruptcy and it can be bountiful and beautiful.


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